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How do I add and remove a Server from an Axxon-domain?

Drew Carpenter

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A distributed system based on the Axxon One VMS is created within an Axxon-domain, i.e., a selected group of Axxon One Servers.

A new Axxon-domain can be created in one of two ways:

  1. During installation of the Axxon One software package with the Server and Client configuration.
  2. When attempting to connect to a Server which does not belong to an Axxon-domain.

Creating a new domain

Full article

A Server can be added to an existing Axxon-domain from any Server within that Axxon-domain.

Adding a Server to an existing Axxon-domain

Full article

You can remove a Server from an Axxon-domain on any Server within the domain.

Removing a Server from an Axxon-domain

Full article

In the program activation utility, you can also exclude a Server from the Axxon-domain.

Excluding the Current Server from an domain

Full article


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