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I don't have video from the camera in Axxon One. What should I do?

Drew Carpenter

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  1. Ping the camera.
  2. Check that the camera is available in the Web-Interface.
  3. Check the connection settings (port, login, password) in Axxon One.
  4. If the camera's integration with Axxon One is via vendor protocol, verify that the model and version of the firmware in the documentation and on the camera are the same.

  5. If the camera is connected via ONVIF:
    1. Check the connection in the ONVIF Device Manager.
    2. Synchronize time between camera and Server.
    3. Enable the ONVIF option on the camera, if there is one.
  6. If the camera is connected through the RTSP protocol, check the connection in the VLC Media Player.
  7. Check the network. The firewall, antivirus, SmartScreen, UAC and other software can use the port you want for connecting to the camera.
  8. Make sure that Axxon One license file allows the sufficient number of video channels. If channels are not enough, please contact your AxxonSoft manager to request the new license file.


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