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What should I do if I’m getting the errors like ‘not authorized’, ‘IDS_STRING_DISCONNECT’ and so on when connecting Client?

Van Shev

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The ‘not authorized’, ‘IDS_STRING_DISCONNECT’ and errors of that kind are going to appear when the Client fails to connect to the Server.

The full article: Operations using the Client

In this case, check that the connection between the Client and Server is configured in a correct way and there are no network restrictions:

  1. The Computer object corresponding to the Client must be created on the Server in the Axxon PSIM hardware tree. The NetBIOS-name of the Client must be specified as the identifier of this object.
  2. The Client and Server IP-addresses must be specified in a correct way on the Architecture tab on the Server. And, the check boxes must be enabled in the Connection column.

  3. The Server and Client must ping each other via NetBIOS-name or IP-address. You can check this by opening the command line and entering the following command "ping <IP-address or NetBIOS-name>".
  4. Firewall, antivirus, smart screen and so on must be disabled or configured in a way that does not block system activity.
  5. The Client 21111 connection port and also the ports (21050, 20901, 20902), by which the video is being transferred, must not be occupied or blocked. You can check whether the port is being occupied or not by entering the following command "netstat -ano" from the command prompt. For the Axxon PSIM operation, the state of all the required ports must be LISTENING.
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