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How do I set up e-mail sending in case if camera recording stops?

Pauline Sir

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If a specific video camera or a group of cameras does not record to the archive for some time, you can set up e-mail notifications about this. To do this, it is necessary to create a macro that checks if there is a record in the archive, and set up sending an e-mail notification when it is triggered. Do the following:

  1. On the Programming tab, create a macro for the Check archive record events.
  2. In the macro settings:
    1. select a camera or a group of cameras for which you want to check the presence of a record in the archive;
    2. select an archive to check;
    3. specify the depth of the check.
  3. Select the action to be performed if there is no record in the archive for the specified period. To do this, in the Execute if no video in archive field of the created macro, select the Notification: Send E-mail action. In the action settings:
    1. select the used E-mail message object;
    2. set the e-mail addresses to which the notification will be sent;
    3. write the subject of the email and the message itself.
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