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Why do I need database synchronization on Servers and RAW in the distributed system and how to configure it?


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In Axxon PSIM, the Servers and Remote Administrator's workstations (RAW) configuration parameters are being kept in the distributed database. The local copy of the distributed database is kept on each Server and RAW. To ensure the Axxon PSIM distributed operation and data replication (i.e. synchronous implementation of modifications in the local copies of the main database), the local copies of databases must be synchronized with one another.

In general, Axxon PSIM is set up in the way that the synchronization of all databases is executed from one centralized database only which is located on the administration Server.  

The database synchronization setup is implemented with the help of the Database update (idb.exe) utility and described in the documentation.

The full articleDatabase synchronization setup

You can separately set up the configuration database synchronization and event protocol databases.

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