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How do I fix the SQL error "failed to INSERT into dbo.PROTOCOL because PRIMARY filegroup is full"?


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To complete the following steps, it is required that SQL Server Management Studio is installed on the server.

If this type of SQL error occurs, it means that the database has grown too large. Usually it happens when a large number of events are written to the PROTOCOL table.

To fix this problem, do the following:

  1. Clear the PROTOCOL table partially or completely:
    1. If the PROTOCOL table contains important events that should not be removed, or if the Report System is used, then you should manually remove some events from the event database. Do it as follows:
      1. Determine which events can be removed from the database.
      2. Remove these events using SQL queries.

      3. After that, go to step 4, and then sequentially complete steps 2 and 3.
    2. If the PROTOCOL table does not contain important events, and the Report System is not used, then manually delete the PROTOCOL table for the server with error.

  2. Compress the database.

  3. Set the minimum parameters for storing log files for the database. You can do it either on the settings panel of the Axxon PSIM section in the tweaki.exe utility, or by using the registry keys.

  4. Set a time limit for storing events in Axxon PSIM.

    Complete guide: Configuring events logging

    You can also disable event logging using the ddi.exe utility. Disabled events can be deleted, which also helps clean up the database. For this, use SQL queries.

    Complete guide: The Events tab

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