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How to install Axxon PSIM?

Nina S

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Axxon PSIM can be installed with one of these installation types:

  1. Server/Remote Administrator’s workstation

  2. Remote Client

These installation types have the following purpose:

  1. Servers are meant for digital imaging, processing, recording, network transmission and video display from surveillance cameras.
  2. Remote Administrators’ workstations are meant for video remote monitoring, gatewaying and archiving of video streams, protocoling of registered events in Axxon PSIM. Also, they are meant for using as the web server for transmitting video via the HTTP protocol (used for transmitting video via the Internet and displaying by means of standard web browsers). The requirements for Remote Administrator’s workstation are being determined by their purpose of function.
  3. Remote Clients are meant for video and audio playback coming from the Servers of video surveillance system. Also, they are meant for controlling the cameras, microphones, PTZ devices and so on.
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