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How do I check if my camera is integrated with Axxon One?

Drew Carpenter

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  1. Please refer to the Drivers Pack documentation web-page.
  2. Download the list of supported devices from the latest release in xls.
  3. Open the file and go to the Axxon One tab.

If your device is listed, it is integrated via the vendor protocol. When adding a device, select the model.

Full article Adding and removing IP devices

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If your device is not listed, you can still use it in Axxon One:

Via General Device

General Device is a universal driver that enables AxxonSoft products to work with almost all devices from the relevant manufacturer. General Device is a generic driver that supports nearly all devices from a particular camera vendor.

Generic Drivers (General device, generic)

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Notes on configuring video cameras connected via ONVIF

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Configuring connection of video cameras via RTSP

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